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Absolut Hair Hairstyle

Absolut hair now stocking Ref. and SIM hair products!

Absolut Hair now sells the fantastic REF. and SIM Argan Care products. Take a look at the REF. and SIM Argan Care product pages by clicking the links.

Ref. Hair Products

Haircare and styling should be easy. Finding the right product for your hair should be even easier. The solution is REF. – the Swedish salon formula product line with three numbers. A small but yet complete haircare and hairstyling line for professionals. REF shows the identity of each product in a plain and simple way – with distinct numbers. The reference numbers describe the unique characteristics of each product.

Ref. Hair Products

SIM Argan Care
products are professional hair care products infused with rejuvenating Argan Oil to support healthy hair look and feel. Lightweight organic Argan oil, liquid gold of Morocco, is natural oil rich in essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 9, as well as Vitamin E. The rejuvenating combination of products helps strengthen hair inside out, leaving them light and soft to touch.